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The goal if Uniquize.com is to educate you with unique and practical info. We outline tips & techniques, on virually all aspects of everyday life.

Goals of Uniquize.com:

To provide you with all the information you really need...At school and business .from art, science, and travel to sports, entertainment, and health ... our usable web site covers a world of knowledge that people need and want.

Offer practical advice and instructions...More than at encyciopedia, more than an at almanac. This indispensable resource helps and guides you in diverse areas of daily life such us setting a budget, planning a wedding, training a pet, leasing an apartment, and more.

To become a homework and research time-saver...A concise and thoroughly indexed format gives fast and complete access to the information you seek, today and tomorrow.

Entertains while it enlightens...Fascinating stories behind the facts, along with numermous trivia tidlbits, makes this web site a a browser’s paradise, as well as a superb "look-it-up" resource.

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 Costume shop: http://ns1.commondns.com/~uniquize/crbasics_info

 Carpentry: http://ns1.commondns.com/~uniquize/crhowto_com

 Car Resources: http://ns1.commondns.com/~uniquize/crsupport_net

 More Car stuff: ttp://ns1.commondns.com/~uniquize/crintro_com

 Collectibles: http://ns1.commondns.com/~uniquize/mycrdiet_com



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